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  1. How to Logon MyTEDU Portal
  2. MyTEDU Home
  3. Attendance Tracking
  4. Exam Results
  5. Student Document Request
  6. My Schedule
  7. My Advisor
  8. Account Balance
  9. Offered Semester Courses
  10. Course Registration
  11. Course Withdrawal
  12. Choose Major Program
  13. Academic Calendar
  14. Personal Info
  15. Help Desk Create Service Request
  16. Help Desk My Service Requests
  17. Personal Documents
  18. Shared Folders
  19. Forum
  20. WikiTEDIa
1 - How to logon MyTEDU Portal

Type on your web browser and use your MyTEDU credentials provided by the TED University for login.

Note: Enable compatibilty mode for version IE10+ browsers.


If you forget your password click "Password Forgotton" link and enter your username, surname, name, e-mail adress (that is provided by TED University) and click "Send". If the information provided matches with your existing account in the system, you will receive an e-mail with a temporary password which will allow you to set a new password for your account.


If that is your first login to MyTEDU Portal after resetting your password the system will ask you to determine a new password. Password should be at least 8 characters long and include an upper case letter, a lower case letter and a number.


2 - MyTEDU Home

MyTEDU Portal has 2-level menu structure on top where you can navigate between applications.

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MyTEDU > Home page has 3 widgets;

News: Documents or notifications that need to be shared with all students are stored in this area. Click on the links to view details. This area is maintained centrally by Information Technology Department


Student Portal Overview : This is the area where quick access links and short descriptions to most popular applications within Portal are located. Instead of using the menu structure at the top you can use these links to navigate.


Favorites : This is an online personal bookmark within MyTEDU Portal. When you want to add an application to you favorites click on the menu button on the right corner of the screen and select "add to portal favorites". This link is shown both on the left menu bar under portal favorites section and at your home screen.



3 - Attendance Tracking

To follow up your attendance status for a semester course, you can use the attendance tracking report within MyTEDU Portal.

You can navigate through the home screen or MyTEDU > Courses (Modules) > Attendance Tracking Report menu.


On the screen type in Academic Year and Academic Semester Information. You can also filter a specific module (Course) or business event (section). If you do not fill these fields all courses within that academic semester will be displayed.

Click on execute to run the report.


The report shows course code, section code, total number of events per semester per course, number of unexused absences on an hourly basis. At the last column percentage of total unexcused absences is shown for the whole course.


Select the Student Nr. and click the See Attendance Details button to see the details of absences.


4 - Exam Results

To follow up your exam results that are published by your instructor you can use the exam results link on home screen or navigate through MyTEDU > Courses (Modules) > Exam Schedules and Results menu.


Then click on the course code that you would like to see the results for that course.


5 - Student Document Request

If you need an official student document you should request it through MyTEDU portal before going to Registrar's Office.

To request a document you can use the "Student Document Request" link on home screen or navigate through MyTEDU > Student Services > Student Document Request menu.

After you submit your request a task will appear on the Registrar's Office staff screen.


6 - My Schedule

To view your weekly course schedule click on the "My Schedule" link on home screen or navigate through MyTEDU > Courses (Modules) > My Schedule menu.


7 - My Advisor

To view who is assigned as your advisor and his/her contact information and Office hours navigate through MyTEDU >Registrations > My Advisor menu.

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8 - Account Balance

The account balance application shows your calculated tuition fees, your payments, invoices printed for you within the system and the total balance of all these.

You should follow up you account balance from here to check if you have any debts to the university.

To view you account balance navigate through MyTEDU > Student Services > Account Balance menu.

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9 - Offered Semester Courses

Before the course registrations for the new semester one should first check the courses offered for that semester. "Courses Offered " application is offered within MyTEDU Portal via Academics > Courses Offered menu.

You can view;

  • Credits
  • Section
  • Lecturer
  • Room
  • Schedule

info for all courses offered within that semester

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10 - Course Registration

The course registration application is available only during registration and add-drop periods and servers as a practical tool for online course registrations.

Students should use this application after successfully completing the Language School and starting their Faculty Programs. You can use the "Course Registration" link on home screen or navigate through MyTEDU > Registrations >Register to Course menu to reach the application.

For more detailed information please click hereto watch the video presentation.
11- Course Withdrawal
For withdrawal from the course you can navigate through MyTEDU > Registrations > Course Withdrawal menu. The mennu is only available during withdrawal period.
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You can follow up apporvel status for your withdrawal
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12-Choose Major Program
Students should use this menu after complated 30 credit. You can use MyTEDU > Registrations > Choose Major Program menu.
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13 - Academic Calendar
To view academic calendar navigate through Academics > Academic Calendar menu.
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14 - Personal Info

You can check all your personal & academic information through this application. Menu oath is MyTEDU > Student Services >Personal Information


You can check your personal data and communication information from Bio-demographic Data tab..


From the Academic History tab, you can check your GPA, total credits in the Performance Indices section.In the Academic Work Section, you can check the grades and statuses of the courses you took/are taking.


You can check your Academic Standing (Unsatisfactory,Satisfactory, Honor,..) and Progress (1.year, 2nd year,..) result from the Status tab.


15 - Help Desk Create Service Request

You can create a service request for IT Support via the menu option Help and Support > Request Help.

When creating the request selecting the right Request Category is critical since the requests are forwarded to the service staff via this category info. For getting a quick response it is important that your request is forwarded to the right person. You are allowed to define an Impact and Urgency for you request but this can be reorganized after the first evaluation by the service staff. So please try to be fair and do not forget that you are using a limited resource that is serving all TEDU staff and students.

You can also attach files for error messages you face with while using an application.

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16 - Help Desk My Requests

You will be informed by mail about the progress of your service request but you can reach your service requests already in process via the menu option Help and Support > My Requests.

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17 - Personal Documents

Via the menu option Information Exchange > Personal Folders you can reach the area that is reserved for storing your personal documents. This is a service similar to online document store applications that you will be able to reach your stored files anywhere you have access to internet. There is a size limit as 25 mb per each file stored.

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18 - Shared Folders

TEDU Directory Service is provided by the SAP KM (Knowledge Management) module and can be reached via menu Information Exchange > Shared Folders

This service provides a document library to store all corporate documents produced within TEDU with an organized folder structure. Some of the functionalities provided within TEDU Directory service are;
  • Permissions to each folder (Full Control, Read/Write, Read) can be organized
  • Approval mechanisms can be set for each folder (this can be configured by the person that has full control on that folder) so that whenever someone uploads a document to the folder it has to be approved by a predefined person before it is visible to other people
  • Folders or documents can be subscribed so that if any new document is created or changed a notification will be sent to you
  • You can give feedback to the author, write a review or rate the document or folder
  • Add folders as favorites so that you can reach them via the Portal Favorites menu on your MyTEDU Home page
You can reach these functionalities by clicking on symbol at the bottom right corner of the folder name and selecting "Details" option.

Please consult to the Information Technology Department for setting up a new folder or requesting the admin (Full Control) permission for an existing folder. The default setting for the existing folders are everyone has Read.

You can find more detailed info at

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19 - Forum

Information Exchange > Forum is the menu option to reach forum home site that you can find and navigate all existing forums created within MyTEDU Portal.

Please consult to the Information Technology Department for setting up a new forum and requesting admin (Full Control) permission.

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20 - WikiTEDIa

Information Exchange > WikiTEDia is the menu option to reach WikiTEDia home site that you can find and navigate all existing wiki's created within MyTEDU Portal.
Most of the user documents for University IT applications are reached via thsi wiki.

Please consult to the Information Technology Department for setting up a new wiki space and requesting admin (Full Control) permission.
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